Review: Have a Change of Scene by James Hadley Chase

Have a Change of Scene
Have a Change of Scene by James Hadley Chase

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My rating: 2.5 Stars

Opening Sentence: It didn’t begin to show until a month after the crash.

I really like James Hadley Chase books. I am not familiar with a lot of writers from his time obviously, but I am a fan of the vibe and sense of the time he gives in his writing.
Have a Change of Scene is a story of Larry Carr, a wealthy and successful jewelry salesman in Paradise City who loses his fiance in a car crash one night. After the trauma, the sense of loss and emotional pain disrupts his mental state leaving him bitter and angry. He is advised to have a change of scene and spend some time doing welfare work in a treacherous little town that soon turns his world upside down. He finds himself scared, and angry, and dangerous and testing his courage in ways that were unthinkable to him before.
This book was a little disappointing to me. I am a big Chase fan and I know his knack for spinning thrilling tales and gangster-style action adventures. This however fell a LITTLE short of the mark. Maybe because it lacked the punch I have gotten so used to in Chase novels. It could also have something to do with the fact that I didn’t find myself rooting for the protagonist at any given time. I didn’t find myself rooting for anyone at all in fact, and that kind of had me wishing that everything would just go wrong. Now I don’t want to be the type to give anything away. So I’ll just say I was hoping for a little more thrill than the one this ride offered.
Still I am enough of a James Hadley Chase reader to know that this was a rare miss in a truckload of hits that he’s delivered. This is still a fun read to pass some time with.

No favorite lines or quotes to take away from this one.

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