Reader’s Block

I am  beyond horrified that it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve read a book.

I started a few books and didn’t finish a single one of them because…well…life happened. I hadn’t realized that it had actually been two months since I finished a book. Self loathing is sinking in.

I suffered from a Reader’s Block. I draw and write pretty often and am no stranger to hitting a wall and feeling like there is no way across. What helps in these kinds of situtaions I found, is to pursue the activity in a completely different way.

If it’s writing, then abandon what you’re having trouble finishing and write something else entirely. If it’s art, abandon the project and pick up another one, maybe one that’s a completely different medium or style than the one you’re having trouble getting done.

In my Reader’s Block, what happened was I was on to the second novel in the Game of Thrones series. Close to the end actually, when I got distracted by other work. When I was free again I found I just could not pick up the book again.

After a lot of procrastination, what I finally ended up doing was that I listened to an audiobook instead. Of a completely different genre and style from the one I had been reading before. Now that I’m done I have that sensation again where I’ve just got out from under the covers, so to speak, and just want to dive back in again. Which is good news for me because now I can get back to working on my ever growing list of ‘books I want to read’ that I’ve steadily been building up on Goodreads.

I’m back under the covers. 🙂


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